Myths about Visiting Teaching, Myth 5: “She’s a strong member of the Church and doesn’t really need us to visit.”

reading the Ensign

Even the sisters with the strongest testimonies need meaningful contact with their visiting teachers. Every sister needs to know that she can call on her visiting teachers if she needs help—and if we haven’t established a relationship with a sister during her good times, she may not feel comfortable turning to us when life gets tough, or even tragic. Plus, appearances can be deceiving. A sister with a strong testimony may still have health problems, an overwhelming schedule, a child with special needs, or other concerns that could be helped by a listening ear or some understanding help once in a while. And even the strongest testimonies could use encouragement. Do we know what life is like for the sisters we teach? Would they call us if they needed something, or do they not know us well enough to admit that they’ve reached a vulnerable moment in life? Sometimes life-long friendships develop as a result of visiting teaching assignments. But even when they don’t, part of our stewardship as visiting teachers is to be available to the sisters we visit, whether or not they seem to need us right now. According to the Lord’s plan for His Church, they do need us—right now. We are the eyes, ears, and hands of the Relief Society president, the bishop, and of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We can learn to love the sisters we visit by getting to know them, through meaningful contact with them at least once each month.

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