Poem: Preferring the Fall


I love autumn–here’s a poem I wrote about it.

Preferring the Fall

Summer is lethargy and sweat,
Clothes that wrinkle and wilt,
Plans for later, and wishing you could
Find a shaded place, lie down, and drink,
Close your eyes ’til thunder drums you up
To seek the lightning-heavy breeze.
Curtains of rain lower—
All that water dropping, but none disappears;
The air damps and steams
Like beach towels we left in the storm.

But if you shade your eyes you see fall distance:
Mornings crisp and evenings dry and warm
Like the flaming trees;
Open before you are all roads
Leading from hills and to hills,
All clear-eyed promises and dreams;
Knowing that in autumn,
You must be all you should,
That you can walk, work, rest;
Feel rough, smooth, soft, warm,
Wood, metal, stone, parchment, homespun, bread.
All tools and roads await your highest thoughts
While autumn blazes and cools.

–Lisa Bolin Hawkins


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