Poem: Before Adam Ate

adam-eve-garden-art-lds-1298393-gallery (1)

We have been studying the Creation and the Fall of Adam and Eve in Sunday School. I wrote this poem in 1976.

Before Adam Ate

The piling storm clouds shade the bitten fruit,
and I would throw it down, but I must keep
these promises that in their keeping take
the promised innocence from his bright eyes
and shadow them with knowledge, like my own.

Could I stay here and watch his childlike joy,
and hide the bitter wisdom I have gained?
Should I leave now, bereave him of his bride,
but not of his obedience and life?

No, he must choose to follow in this death,
to feel bones weaken, eyes strain, muscles ache,
to feel his death begin with that first bite,
to sorrow in the joy of God’s good pain.

Forgive me, love. I hear you coming now.

Lisa Bolin Hawkins

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