Poem: Prayer of Peace

prayer of peace

These are the lyrics to a setting I composed, based on J. S. Bach’s melody for one of his chorales, meant to be a hymn. It seems like a good time (it’s always a good time) to pray for peace.

Prayer of Peace

We pray God’s peace be with us here:
Teach us to know our neighbor’s need—
Through Thy Spirit work Thy lambs to feed—
To show our love for Thee and them
And heal sin, need, and fear.

We pray God’s peace be in our homes:
May Thy kindness and truth abound,
While gratitude and love are found,
That we may make a haven of righteousness,
Welcoming those who roam.

We pray God’s peace throughout the earth:
Help us all to do our part;
Help us to have a generous heart–
To care for the world where everyone in every land
Is a child of precious worth.

—Lisa Bolin Hawkins

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